150A 60V DC Watt Meter & Power Analyzer with Backlight LCD Display

R 490.00

This meter provides Real-time readings of:

Voltage 0-60V

Current 0-150A

Power 0-6554W

This device accumulates Charge [Ah] Amp-hour and Energy [Wh] readings till it resets or shut off.
This meter also captures and stores Peak Amps Ap ; Peak Power Wp ; Minimum Voltage Vm during the operation.
Professional battery tester
Great Performance and Precision
Back-light Blue LCD

Anderson connector on both ENDS

Operates from 4.8-60V

0-150A resolution 0.01A
0-60V resolution 0.01V
0-6554W resolution 0.1W
0-65Ah resolution 0.001Ah
0-6554Wh resolution 0.1Wh

16 x 2 back-lit LCD display