Deep Cycle Battery - ENERTEC 674D

R 3,250.00


Deep Cycle Battery - ENERTEC 674D - Premium heavy duty

General Specifications
SAP N⁰ 619936

Electrical Specifications
Voltage (V) 12
Capacity (Ah) 20 Hour Rate 105
Cold Cranking Amps @ (- 18⁰ C) En 800
Reserve Capacity (Minutes)
Load Test 315 Amps for 15 seconds (above 9.3 Volts)
Operating Temperature: - 18⁰C to 52⁰C

Max. Length (mm): (L) 330
Max. Width (mm): (W) 175
Max. Height (mm): (L) 240

Mass (Weight Kg) 23,7
Case Material Poly Propylene
Flame Arrestor (FA): Yes
Bottom hold down: B01
Type of Terminal: Tapered Terminal

Grid Design
Calcium- Silver Power frame Grid Technology delivers consistant power reserves to meet any
challenge. The grid alloy, unique in Europe, is formed of a positive calcium-Silver grid and a
negative Calcium grid, reducing the batteries water consumption to a minimum. Battery
expected design life in a UPS application between 3-5 years under correct operating conditions.


The Enertec battery is guaranteed for two year against manufacturing and material defects from
the purchasing date as indicated on the invoice. The guarantee does not cover flat or discharged
batteries, bent, burnt or broken terminals or casings or fitment in applications for which it was not
designed. The warranty covers the replacement of the defective battery with an equivalent new
battery. This warranty does not in any way cover personal loss or damage owing to hidden
defects. Before validating the warranty, Enertec Batteries (Pty) Ltd will recharge and test the
battery according to JC – AS instructions. Please contact Enertec Batteries (Pty) Ltd directly for
more details on Warranty Terms and Conditions.