H4 Elite 8C Headlight Replacement Bulb

R 1,300.00

Set of two

  • Brighter than your Standard Halogen Headlights - much more light with the same beam pattern.
  • 100% Brighter than your standard headlights
  • Easy Plug and Play Installation - you can do it yourself.
  • CANBUS compatible – will not affect your vehicle’s computer.
  • RFI Interference shielded – will not affect your radio reception
  • Fanless cooling - no moving parts - better reliability and lifetime
  • 1 Year Warranty 

Version 8C of the popular H4 LED Headlight Replacement Bulb has the following improvements:

  • Improved Heatsink:  The new Flexible Weave Cloth Heatsink can be flexed into smaller spaces and has better heat distribution.
  • Light Output:  100% more Light on the road where you need it most for maximum visibility.
  • Beam Pattern:  Improved optical reflectors enhance the concentration of light on DIM & BRIGHT.  Anti-glare reflector design on DIM.

The stylish LED Headlight Replacement Bulb is the perfect upgrade for your already trustworthy vehicle. These Replacement bulbs will enhance you and your family’s safety with superior lighting, and they look great as well. These will give you peace of mind when doing those late night errands or driving long distances in the dark.

WARNING:  The heatsink needs proper ventilation to cool off.  If enclosed you will void your warranty.