R 11,000.00
  • 220W very portable solar panel weighing only 5.6kg!
  • Flexopower Mojave solar cells are built with anti-micro crack design. Micro cracks develop every time a semi-flexible and portable panel is handled, resulting in output loss. Only Flexopower has a solution managing micro cracks and maintaining output. All other brands start loosing output from the get go. 
  • Contains no Glass, no Aluminium: no breakage and stiffness
  • Supporting legs tilt solar panel at 45° angle delivering more power during mornings, late afternoons and winter months
  • Easy to fit in a fully packed vehicle
  • Very convenient and user-friendly
  • High tech cells with anti-microcrack technology
  • mono-crystalline, high efficient >22%
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty on solar panels
  • 25 years power on cells
Application 1 Week+ In Camp
Strategy Park in Shade, Panel in the Sun

- 1 x 220 Watt Solar Panels Foldable

- Anderson Grey Connectors

Rated Output, STC 220 Watt
Max. Operating Voltage 18.1 V
Operating Current 12.2 A
Dimension Folded 655 x 520 x 25 mm
Dimension Deployed 655 x 2220 x 5 mm
Weight 5.6 kg (solar panel)