Non Surgical Face Mask

R 30.00

Supporting the SMILE foundation - Support frontline with PPE

The initiative aims to provide work for local communities, and thereby create a means
for residents to earn an income.

The Smile Foundation Upliftment Initiative is currently producing our re-usable
facemasks in accordance with the relevant permits and health guidelines. Our aim is to
contribute as much as is possible to the nationwide effort of containing the spread of

The Smile Foundation Initiative guarantees that for every mask sold The Smile
Foundation receives a portion of the proceeds in an effort to contribute toward providing
front line medical staff and hospitals with personal protective equipment (PPE).

The masks are only intended to give some degree of barrier protection from respiratory
droplets coughed or sneezed by others. The masks cannot prevent the wearer from
being infected by the COVID19 virus.

Product Specifications
The masks are made with 3 layers of quality, washable fabric.

Total weight: 384gsm made up as follows:
• Size: 20cm (W) x 18cm (H) with 90cm straps;
• Inner and Outer Layers:
• Warp-Knit Tricot Polyester Fabric;
• 112gsm (x 2)
• Middle Layer:
• Poly Warp Knit D28;
• 160gsm;

All persons involved in the manufacturing process are required to sanitize upon entry
into the work area.
It is compulsory for all persons to wear a mask before commencing with work.